MAJI KWA WOTE ( water to all )

Ghetto Youth Focus Foundation ( GYFF) has launched a new program for the people of kibera. The program entitled as Maji Kwa Wote is a water project whereby the group is providing free water to the kibera residence who are not able to access water easily or who cannot afford it. The group has been delivering, at door step, 60 liters of water per day, thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for ten families for the last two weeks.


The initiative is aimed at making the water available to people who cannot get it easily. People who are either disabled, blind, expectant mothers, the sick. GYFF members are taking the center stage in delivering water to the people who have been already been. There are plans to expand our beneficiaries base by providing even more (water 2000 liters) to 100 families by end of the year. special thanks to Lea and Geremy who have made this project successful