About Us

Ghetto youth Focus Foundation (GYFF) is a non political, non religious, non tribal youth that was founded in the year 2006 by a group of young men and women who came together mainly to share their ideas and to see how they could benefit from their individual talents and abilities. In exploring their talents and abilities they would become empowered economically and socially. Back then, due to poverty and joblessness, many young people turned to crime and immorality making them dangerous and useless to the community. GYFF members tried their level best to reach out to the other youths in the community and to persuade them to join the group, but that idea came out with a little success.  Passing the positive message to the youths was not as easy it was expected, but the founders did not lose focus, instead  they came together as musicians, actors, comedians, and even sportsmen and women.

Sometimes back in the year 2007, just before the election, GYFF as an entertainment group wrote a two minute skit entitled UCHAGUZI BILA FUJO; a skit that highlighted the importance a peaceful election in kibera as a slum. The skit was forwarded to the then ELECTORAL COMMISION OF KENYA (ECK) to seek whether the commission would help in forwarding the skit to media houses for air play. But skit did not go through since organization from other parts of the country had already taken their skits earlier enough. Despite the fact that the skit was not successful, GYFF members did not waste the message in it. Instead the group organized routine meetings to discuss how they would help to keep peace and order in their area. It was through those meetings that GYFF managed to come up with a decision that no one would be a victim of election violence irrespective of his/her tribal or political background, and that no one would be allowed to bring chaos or violence in the area under GYFF’s jurisdiction.

In October 2008, the group was officially registered as GHETTO YOUTH FOCUS FOUNDATION (GYFF) and as a Community Based Organization (CBO) with the office of the Provincial Director of Gender and Social Services.  The group was thereafter subdivided into five smaller departments. These departments include: