just a reminder to our members, fans, partners, and the community at large that ALL roads leads to ARBORETUM gardens for the biggest artists ‪#‎ComeTogether‬ and a ‪#‎TeamBuilding‬ exercise to be held on the 28th of February 2015 from 10am to 4pm. You are only required to pay ‪#‎kshs100‬ to cater for snacks and anything that may be needed on that day. There will be lots of fun and performances by greatest artists.


photo session after the sunday rehearsals at SIDAREC hall.
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MAJI KWA WOTE ( water to all )

Ghetto Youth Focus Foundation ( GYFF) has launched a new program for the people of kibera. The program entitled as Maji Kwa Wote is a water project whereby the group is providing free water to the kibera residence who are not able to access water easily or who cannot afford it. The group has been delivering, at door step, 60 liters of water per day, thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for ten families for the last two weeks.


The initiative is aimed at making the water available to people who cannot get it easily. People who are either disabled, blind, expectant mothers, the sick. GYFF members are taking the center stage in delivering water to the people who have been already been. There are plans to expand our beneficiaries base by providing even more (water 2000 liters) to 100 families by end of the year. special thanks to Lea and Geremy who have made this project successful


Since 2006, Ghetto Youth Focus Foundation (GYFF) has been organizing some of the largest and most important events for the upcoming artists and the people of Kibera. These event includes THE ART ATTACK CONCERT; a monthly concert that gives Kibera artists an opportunities to explore and unleash their artistic potentials. THE ATTACK CONCERT has something for every artist is in Kibera, whether it is music, dance, acting or comedy, here they feel welcome and valued. THE ART ATTACK SHOW has enabled GYFF to positively impact the lives of many of artists by bringing such a show into existence in Kibera. Archimedes once said that if given a lever a place to stand he could lift the world. In this case, THE ART ATTACK CONERT provides a stage to stand for the Kibera artists and a microphone as a lever to pass their artistic remarks to the rest of the world. The Kibera community has proven the unquestionable benefits of the show and the need for our program continue to grow at unprecedented rate.


(from left) Imaritez, BMX, MC Mamito, MC kevo (back) at ART ATTACK SHOW.

It is the department that wrote the skit entitled UCHAGUZI BILA FUJO back when GYFF was still at its early stages. The department has shown a tremendous growth in the past few months. Some of the greatest achievements that have been made through this department include:

  • In 2008, a GYFF member and named Daddy Evans participated and emerged the winner as the best musician in the kibera music awards; he walked away with a grand prize of kshs. 10,000.
  • Daddy Evans recorded a song dubbed BETRAYAL, featuring one of the most talented reggae singers called jojjy.
  • In October 2009, a member named Geoffrey Ochieng Oyoo, participated and emerged the winner of TOPCOMIC, a comedy competition TV that was aired on NTV from June to October. Oyoo is a full GYFF member who has flown GYFF’s flag high, by performing in some the biggest in Kenya, such as CHURCHILL LIVE SHOW, TOPCOMIC, KIPAWA SATO, LAUGH FESTIVAL, and even WAPI concerts.
  • It is through theatre department that GYFF manage to organize a show dubbed CHEKA NA FINYOO, at ushirika hall on 11th September 2011. The show was graced by some of the Kenya’s top comedians such as AYEIYA POA POA aka AKA, FREDDRICK OMONDI, PROF the KING OF MCHONGOANO and the TOPCOMIC winner GEOFFREY OYOO. The event was facilitated by GYFF mainly to fund raise for a member who was to under go surgery. The event was successfully carried out since it raised funds amounting to kshs 8,000. The department has also come face to face with some limitations that have managed to drag its operations behind. These limitations include:
  • •There are no enough venues for the performing artists to practice for their items.
  • •The available venues are very expensive to hire.
  • •The available venues are too small to hold big events and concerts.
  • •Hiring sound systems to organize events is very expensive.

The theatre department is looking forward to maximize its performance in time to come. These successes would be achieved by doing the following:

  • Organizing more events to act as a platform where artists from Kibera can showcase their talents. This will assist in putting Kibera talents on map.
  • Raise more funds to record songs for musicians.
  • The group is also anticipating to  construct an auditorium.


HUT HEAD is reminding us of something!! That once we correctly use the ART in our HEAD we will win many HEARTS. CONGRATULATIONS Emmanuel Odhiambo for making it to top.


And to the other contestants, this is the right time to do a personal check to see where you went wrong and rectify as soon as possible. And you should all remember that this is not the end but just a beginning.



Round Three of  Songs For Justice online competition has begun! Today you can cast the first votes to decide it all! As before, everyone and anyone can participate by visiting:

You will have two weeks and the same rules apply- one vote, per artist, per IP address, per day. So vote as many times as you can until November 26th, share widely, and make sure your voice is represented as we decide our next PeaceTones ambassador from Nairobi, Kenya!

GOOD LUCK to the top 5!