This department involves small businesses directly or indirectly ran and managed by GYFF.  These businesses include:

  • Computer services: photocopying, typing.
  • Sale of water from tank owned by GYFF.
  • Giving of small loans to the members and some trusted members of the community who repay them with an interest of 12%.
  • Sale of commodities of crafts such as shoes, belts, bracelets and scarf made by members.

Some of the achievements that have been met by the business department include:

  • The group has managed to open a bank account with Equity bank that assist in providing banking services to the group.
  • Community easy access of water at  an affordable price
  • Creation of employment to the youths  in all of our projects hence decrease idol youths

Some of the challenges faced by the business department include the following:

  • Lack of proper entrepreneurship skills required to run the group businesses.
  • Lost of funds or delay in repayments of the funds given out as loan.
  • Breakdown of computer and copiers leading to loss of funds through maintenance and repair cost.
  • Frequent absence of water for sale.
  • Lack of proper market to sell the commodities made through craft.

GYFF is looking forward to expand the business department by:

  • Purchasing of more computers to open a cyber café.
  • Seek for market the crafts in town or in major supermarkets in town.