This department deals with sports such as football, volleyball, and athletics among others.    Football and boxing remain some of the most successful sports in the group. GYFF football department has managed to form a number of football team categories based on age and gender. The teams

  • GYFF football club under 8.
  • GYFF football club under 11.
  • GYFF football club under 13.
  • GYFF football club under 15.
  • GYFF football club under 16, ladies categories.
  • GYFF football club under 17.
  • GYFF football club senior.

On 2nd January 2012, GYFF celebrated their third Anniversary for the football clubs and the achievements brought by individual categories since the group was formed. Some of the successes that have been achieved by the GYFF football teams include:

  • Participating and even emerging winners in a number of tournaments.DSC00710DSC00467DSC00468DSC00470DSC00471DSC00707DSC00708DSC00482DSC00481DSC00479DSC00473DSC00475DSC00478DSC00730DSC00729DSC00726DSC00728DSC00725DSC00724DSC00723DSC00718DSC00717DSC00720DSC00721DSC00719DSC00716DSC00714DSC00715DSC00482DSC00481DSC00480DSC00476DSC00474DSC00475